2018 Summer Internship - Web Design


THE INTERMAX CO is a Business To Business company that develops the garment and creates clothes for their clients.
My goal of the 2018 summer internship at THE INTERMAX CO was re-design the company website, design a recruiting poster and design fabric description cover pages. At the same time, I supported office work such as arrangement the fabrics, and packing garments and clothes.

My Role

Web Design

Previous Website

Here is a previous website. They entrust to make this website to other web design company at 2014. It might be not bad at that time, but my client who is THE INTERMAX CO. CEO, wants me to redesign this. He wants a clean and one-page website.

The Problem

The problem from this previous website is; repeat navigations, text as an image, language version is not matched, and unnecessary login page, no responsive website. Also, my client wants me to make the website anyone can easily change the content.

Because they don’t have a website administrator.

However, the biggest problem is... THEY DO NOT HAVE CONTENTS! (NO images, NO content text, ONLY HAVE A LOGO!)

The Research

Before I started to design the website, I did research. They didn't have contents, and I didn't know much about the company, I needed to know about this company, what they do, who is the target, etc. Also, their previous server system was based on the shopping mall website, and it was hard to edit the content. The person who knows javascript can edit this website, but no one who knows about it in this company.

I had the meeting with my supervisor and learned about this company, and I decided to use WordPress to create the website for them because they can edit the website easily.

The Wireframe

After I did research, I designed one long page website wireframes. Here is a wireframe which I got a confirm from my company CEO.

CEO understands they didn't have much of information and contents. So, he wants me to create just a clean and straightforward website. Also, he wants a dark mood of the website.

Collecting the Contents

Before I built the website, I needed to make the contents. I used some of the contents and images from the previous website, but I took the photos and wrote the rest of things.

It was the most challenging part of this Internship because, in a way, I will create the face of this company only by myself.

Started Web Design

After I collected the contents, I got a confirm it again and started to build a website. This step was also challenged to me because, at the same time, I supported office works such as arrangement the fabrics and shipping garments to the factory.

I used Wordpress to built this website because over 30% of websites use Wordpress, and it is easy to edit the contents who even don't have knowledge about web coding.

What I've learned from Internship

This was my first time of internship and the most challenging thing in my life. Many of my friends told me that the design company is not the same as this company and I will never get an experience like this internship.

In this company, everyone doesn't know about design and technology. I had to research current situations because they didn't know their website states. They didn't have contents, so I had to prepare it myself. I had to learn about this company and find out what is the best way to complete my mission.

I learned how to create the website only with the logo, how to prepare the contents, and how to show and convince my goals to people who didn't know about design and technology.

I worked only by myself, without the partner. This is my hardest experience, and at the same time, I grow from this experience.

Here is what I've done.
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