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Aegis is a smart device to help the goalkeeper can train autonomously. The 180-degree camera predicts the ball's direction and gives a signal to the player’s gloves which direction the player jumps or dives. With Aegis, the player can improve the concentration, judgment of the situation, and quick reaction. Also, the player can check their stance and get feedback about each case of posture.

My Role

Product Design


There are IoT products only for the striker, such as Adidas miCoach - Smart Ball and AlpineReplay - Trace. Adidas miCoach focuses on the kick training. This product's primary function is showing to a user which part of the ball is kicked, and ball speed, spin, trajectory. The other feature is showing videos about kicking posture. Another IoT product, which is AlpineReplay - Trace, combines sensors, video, and app to trace players. With the data from the video record, team coach can take notes, so every player has an equal chance to get feedback from their coach. This one requires the coach, and they are focused on the team formation.

Target Audience

My target audience is amateur goalkeeper players (age between 20 to 35) who has middle-level skills.

Users Quote

I practice with my striker friends and a camera, and it is helpful to the striker, not to me.

Ryan Andrade

I ask my other team goalkeeper friend, but he is an amateur too. So, we watch Youtube goalkeeper training channels together and practice base on it.

Frank Rodriguez

My team has a coach, but I'm not sure he knows goalkeeping knowledge. He is not a specialized coach to the goalkeeper.

Erik Hansen
The Problem

Based on my research, IoT product for helping Amateur goalkeeper training does not exist. The players can’t check their posture by oneself, and they can't train quick reaction efficiently because they play to rely on their sense. They ask their friends to review their stance or bring their camera to record their playing, but it is limited to analysis their playing.

The Solution

My experience as a goalkeeper player, and based on my research, create IoT product for goalkeeper players is unique and helpful to goalkeeper players to train themselves.
IoT product consists of a camera and gloves. Camera track the player's motion to gather player's movement ability data and gloves sensor send information to the player's smartphone to support the camera data.

Here is my final design.


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